A party on an epic scale and a rich game-world set in an alternate medieval Europe.

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A momentous time, and a momentous gathering of souls.

The devil-may-care privateer, he of the past shrouded in smoke, fire and loss. Captain of his own soul, his own future, and an ensorcelled warship.

The priest, the true-believer, devout and plagued with unanswerable questions. Emphatic directions from his God to seek out and embrace a fierce and dark destiny, but left alone to wonder what he is doing wrong.

The wizard, the man of no yesterday. Seeking knowledge above all else, and of late the learning has made him realize just how little he knows. About himself, the world or the Eye that looks at him, for him.

The fallen, the defiled templar, the madman. Suicide and corruption were only his beginnings, now he walks a god-touched path with memory itself perched on his shoulder. Rage and honor war eternally beneath his etched skin, and his soul hangs in the balance.

From the isle of the lost, through the rains and madness of the Glen, trekking through the breadth of the known world. From far-off Carthage, up to the very waste-torn North border of Ruus, they continue to seek. From a god’s throne in the City of Lies, they turn their attentions south and west, to France, to the never-ending war, to the violence of a Chaos race itself.


The intrepid group hunkers belowdecks on the Captain’s mighty ensorcelled ship, waiting out the one force all sailors must kneel to, that of the weather.

The wind shrieks and hails without, and the brazier flames within do what they can to provide light and heat for the huddled company.

Is that the wind shrieking through the belayed mast and rigging, or are their other sounds out there in the rain and wind and night?

The ship creaks in the wind, tucked into a sheltered lake high, high in the Alps. A body of water no manling or elf has ever floated a ship in before. Such new, exotic sights are certain to attract attention. If others can get themselves out into the storm.

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Tales from Forgotten Europa

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