Marlene del'Diego


Marlene doesn’t remember her old family name anymore. She lost quite a bit in the rains and chaos of Dan’Dannock. A manling lass of 16 summers, Marlene was taken and her family apparently killed by the hordes of beasts which inundated the glen on the deific orders of the Blooddrinker. Marlene was to be made sacrifice of, on one of the stained and defiled altars of the chaotic blood god, but was saved from this fate by the group of men led by the wandering ‘entrepreneur’, Kal Diego.

Over a year has passed and Marlene has grown up further, fostered by Captain Diego, who fully accepts his role as salt-father to the orphan.

Always rambunctious and rebellious, the life of a pirate agrees tremendously with her, and Marlene learns the way of the sea, of the ship, of the dirk, and the sabre. Her taste for gambling and violence is very unnerving to her new father, and a very uneasy truce exists betwixt them, grounded in their love.

Marlene currently fosters with Ashka, as Kal travels north as companion to his friend, Raethe the Slayer.

Marlene del'Diego

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