Drake Lahaar

"There is no truth, save what you force into being for yourself."


Drake is a member of the German church, through its Ordo Fedelis. Drake is a witch-hunter, one of the men charged with maintaining the purity and security of the theocracy of the Holy German Empire. Drake is a man possessed and driven, a man other members of his order either look up to, or fear for his singlemindedness and focus.

Drake is also quite possibly a sociopath who relies on his religious authority to further his own black ends.

He was a passenger on the ship which failed to reach France and instead found itself wrecking on foreign shores. On that island, he was confronted with his past, his path, and the truth about his life, his heart, and his mind.

Drake rejected it all wholesale and cut his way back, somehow, to the world we dream to be the real one. Once returned, he devoted himself anew to his calling and ascended in the ranks. Only to have fate throw him back into contact with the selfsame people who survived the shipwreck as well. Fate brought them together, and so Drake followed his nose. Directly into the madness that was possessing Dan’Dannock.

Drake Lahaar

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