Kil'Derek of Gel’Landre

A former companion who has gone off to seek his own fortune


An elf of early years. Once a rogue, and now a warrior of middling renown. Nearly forgotten exiled prince of the Estalian lands of Gel’Landre.

Bearer of The White Arrow

Called by some “Townsaver”


Kil’Derek found himself faced with many things on the impossible island of long ago. Namely the betrayal of his family, the now-fallen Kings of Gel’Landre, and his cowardice and base meanness.

After the experiences in the Glen of Dan’Dannock, and the finding of the White Arrow, his future seemed finally to have a goal, and the ghosts of his yesterday finally began to quiet down. He was to better himself and become the valorous, honest champion that is fitting of his line. To whit, he would seek out people in need and rescue them. And given the state of Europa at the time, with the creeping horror to the North and the shadow of the British everywhere, there are many, many people to be saved.

Kil'Derek of Gel’Landre

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