Octavius Seebeck

The weaponsmith of the Seebeck clan


Octavius is a strong, burly man of height and breadth, carrying with him the bulk of a blacksmith. Like his brother August, the October Seebeck dresses in beautiful finery, albeit Octavius’ is of a more utilitarian nature, tending towards hunting garb and the accessories of his passion, aprons, goggles and the like.

When first met in the ruins of Bellona/Belrael, Octavius had been beset by the youthful gangers and had laid waste with the oddest of weapons, what amounts to a gear-shift-fed blunderbuss small-bore blackpowder gun, not unlike a short-iron.

[This would be consider a semi-automatic rifle in some regards.]

He is jovial and quick to feel and express his emotions. He came to Bellona/Belrael in search of ‘Cog-gollum’ the slayer engineer of legend. He departed the group quickly enough, as they spied a beautifully wrought silver falcon ornithopter not far from where the entrance to Karak Declan was found to be. It was believed that the ornithopter was the invention of the mad dwarf.


Octavius Seebeck

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