Thomas Cooke

The erstwhile cook nee thief from the Island who settled in the Glen


Thomas is an enigmatic creature.

The son of a mayor, Thomas fought in the defense of his town and mistakenly killed his father in the thick of combat. With his elder brother assuming the duties of Mayor, Thomas fled in shame.

His path took him down many roads, to many towns. He learned many skills, that of a tinker, a tailor, a thief, and perhaps a soldier. And perhaps other skills he never could understand.

Eventually he perchance found himself on the Unnamed Isle and learned a great deal more about himself. Returning to Europa, he landed in Germany and made a woodsman of himself.

But this life could never hold him for long, he who has gone many places and done many things. And also, he has a quest still before him.

Currently, Thomas’ whereabouts are unknown.


Thomas Cooke

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