Willem Murrel


The former French nobleman Willem lives in an impressive white alabaster cathedral in the smoldering city of Belrael. His mind has flown and what resides now in his mortal shell is both cunning and witty. Vestiges of his former self, his courtier’s tongue, his wit, and his creativity are still definitely with him, and some of the towers of the City of Lies bears his mark and sign. He builds, paints and lives in a world all of his own now.

It seems the Frenchman knows Khalid, or least appears to. Or believes to. And a contentious and startling series of memories he has of the itinerant wizard. None can say which is true and which is an illusion.

He remained in Belrael when the party was ushered out by Beordun, following his palaver with Raethe. Willem’s current destiny is unknown.

Willem still owns his ceremonial (but functional) british seal plate armor, and perhaps the mental scarring which goes with it.


Willem was the second son of a Baron of France. At an early age, his creativity and expression were evident, and he was earmarked for an artist. Having every possible means of study and learning at his fingertips, Willem became an able student and learned much, with his specialty being engineering and architecture. By the time he was 20, he had already begun building, and by 30 his building were becoming famous for their artistry as well as the unique style and novel concepts of engineering he employed. A system of cantilevers and buttresses for slender and sturdy buildings bears his name to this very day, the Murrel architecture.

What is not too widely known is that he designed his engineering and stylistic trends observing the British, the Shining Bridge most of all.

Willem Murrel

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