Vasilii Ivanov (Deceased)

The bandit-lord of Western Ruus


A man of many wheels, Vasilii’s reach extends from Odessa far into the North, even to Arkangyl.

A shrewd, ruthless man, one part merchant, two parts thief, and a bit of killer.

Adept with a blade and a willingness to use it, Vasilii’s true power comes from the people he knows and the leverage he has over them. A negotiator and a powermonger, he has consolidated his strength in Ruus and has come to the attention of even the Queen’s council.


The bandit prince of Ruus, a schemer of the first order, Vasilii was found to have developed a strong alliance with a wizard who calls himself Majorie.

The bandit prince was marshaling his economic powers for a grand harvest and trade season, perhaps with an eye on his more blatant ambitions. This harvest-time brought with it the visit of Captain Diego and his crew, and these factions conflicted immediately.

It was a conflict that Vasilii himself was unable to survive.

Vasilii Ivanov (Deceased)

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