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  • Drake Lahaar

    Drake is a member of the German church, through its Ordo Fedelis. Drake is a witch-hunter, one of the men charged with maintaining the purity and security of the theocracy of the Holy German Empire. Drake is a man possessed and driven, a man other …

  • Kil'Derek of Gel’Landre

    Kil'Derek found himself faced with many things on the impossible island of long ago. Namely the betrayal of his family, the now-fallen Kings of Gel'Landre, and his cowardice and base meanness. After the experiences in the Glen of

    Gustinian Dannerbok

    Gustinian was formerly a consecrated priest-elect in Germany, an heir to Sigmar, and a warrior of great renown in his own right. many were his accomplishments and many too, were his detractors, calling him overzealous to the point of being tyrannical and …

  • Darus Grimforge

    Here lies the fallen dwarf, Darus of clan Grimforge. Never a pleasant or a gentle man, Darus seemed made for war and blood and battle. Still though, there must be more to a man than merely this? He chose to die on the nameless isle he was …