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The Calendar is divided into two halves that span in-between the equinoxes. The first half, called Myrkur, spans from the Autumnal equinox to the Vernal equinox. The second half, called Sollys, is the other half.

There are 12 months, each 30 days long. There are also 5-6 ‘special days’: Two equinoxes, two solstices, Thane’s Day, and once every four years there is also Merkelig (strange) Day.

Each month is divided into five 6-day weeks. Weekdays are called:
  • Fyrsdíy
  • Annardíy
  • Tredíy
  • Hlutidíy
  • Fimmdíy
  • Hvildíy, where Hvildíy is the 6th day – the day of rest, family, and worship.

Each year begins with Day 1 of Wolfmont. The last day is usually Týen Díy, except for leap year. The following shows the full calendar:

Dwarfen Calendar


(The Long Night)


(The Long Day)
Thoraín Díy
(Autumnal Equinox – 1 day)
Loftrún Díy
(Vernal Equinox – 1 day)
Huntermont (30 days) Greenmont (30 days)
Beavermont (30 days) Flowermont (30 days)
Coldmont (30 days) Rosemont (30 days)
Týen Díy
(Winter Solstice – 1 day)
Audvýé Díy
(Summer Solstice – 1 day)
Merkelig Díy
(leap yr only – 1 day)
Thane’s Díy
(1 day)
Wolfmont (30 days) Buckmont (30 days)
Snowmont (30 days) Sturgeonmont (30 days)
Warmmont (30 days) Harvestmont (30 days)

A few additional notes:
  • Thane’s Díy Day of partying and merriment. Also Day of Pardons, and Coronation Day. It is important to note that Day of Pardons doesn’t mean that transgressions are forgiven. That is not the Dwarfen way. It means that on this day those named in the Book of Grudges can ‘pay reparations’ to have their name erased. It is, therefore, merely an opportunity to be proactive in settling a debt, rather than having the clan decide when (and how) said debt will be repaid.
  • Merkelig Díy leap year only. Traditionally those more superstitious do not conduct any business on this day.

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Dwarfen Calendar

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