The following is a list of notable places, people, organizations, and items mentioned throughout the Wiki but not necessarily referenced or defined elsewhere.

More accurately, this is a collection point for specific items, people, organizations, and places that the group has encountered specifically, in the great wide world.


A small Ruus port town in-between Istanbul and Odessa on the Caspian Sea. It is a trade warren, a place to offload and avoid the heavy port duties and taxes of either of its gigantic port cousins. A quiet place, favored by smugglers and others of less-than-sterling repute. Notably, a port of treaty and calm, the unspoken rule is that no open warfare exists in port. Save against assorted kingsmen and tax collectors.

Known as ‘The Great Sea Gate’, Odessa is a major Ruus city built where the Oldar River gives unto the Caspian sea, a major trade hub for all of Ruus and especially the dwarf nations. Many ships will stop here and conduct their trade rather than brave the chill rivers to the North. The city is inhabited by as many dwarfs as there are humans, and incredibly well defensed and fortified.

A long-gone Ruus city, a city removed from the minds and memories of all thinking and rational beings. Formerly the enclave attached to Karak Miniska, Bellona was a Russian city beyond any doubt, and only unmistakable for its wealth of knowledge. A city far in the upper reaches of the North, Bellona hunkered through long and cold winters each year, turning its people introspective and introverted, different from the average Ruus native. Bellona was a city of libraries and studies. The rare wizard, shaman or sorcerer could travel there to be among their own kind and increase their learning. Schools of medicine, agriculture, and metallurgy were founded, as the generations evolved.

Karak Miniska fell. For reasons lost in time, as dwarfs are wont to do with failed things. Without the protection and trade of its undermount brother, Bellona fell onto hard times, it plummeted from what prominence it once had and the learned flocked from it, seeker more hospitable and pertinent realms. At some point, Bellona the city of truth and learning, just vanished. From the minds of all of Ruus. It was considered to have been abandoned and then…. it was gone. Who could even point to its location on a map? Certainly not the dwarfs. Within three generations, it was as if Miniska never existed. The questions remain… if Bellona did indeed vanish… then to where? And what exists in its place?

If a soul should be so unlucky in life to lose their way, their minds, their purpose, perhaps even their lives, they might perchance find themselves on a road rarely traveled. A road with but one location, regardless of direction. A road with only endings. The road into Belrael, the Lost Road.

Belrael burns. The city itself is caught in a permanent smog-like haze of smoke. The fires never seem to go out, but the city is never consumed. Perhaps it is sorcery, perhaps it is chaos, perhaps time just doesn’t work as it should.

Belrael teeters. The city is a series of impossible towers. Beautiful antiquated and byzantine structures. Curved, slender, even twisted, and all in pale pastel colors, pinks and perwinkles, puce, and sand. Towers which would not withstand the march of time, let alone a siege engine, but Belrael is filled with them.

Belrael lies. The City of Lies is not what it seems. It hides from the sight of man and the noonday sun. It is peopled by lunatics and the lost. It defies reason, logic, and physics. It defies cartographers and the minds of powerful wizards. But there is such power is lies, illusion, and half-truths. And thus Belrael will never sit empty, ever again.

And somewhere in it, perhaps one might find themselves on another lost road. A road out and down and deep into the dark. To where Miniska sits quiet and dusty. But not all the way dead.


Viktor Kelbourne
A sorcerous man who dwells in Odessa, a man for whom information is everything, wealth, power, and obsession. A man who has had dealings with Captain Diego in the past. The group met with him and spoke on the matters of the City with No Name and the rumors surrounding it, in the only circle that will even speak on it.


The Seekers of Light
A secret organization which spans great distances of space and time. Their name is not known to the vast majority of people, but some have long suspected of their existence and even implicated them with the cause for major power shifts in the world and great tragedies that preceded them. The actual goals of the organization are mostly assumed from second hand knowledge, more fables than reality. Still sometimes legends grow on their own inspiring fear and loathing. For their part, the organization does not try to alter this image; in fact their actions can sometimes be specifically geared towards such inspirations.
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