The Underestimated Race

Halflings are curious creatures in that their beginnings are though to be nothing more than the ‘shorter’ outcasts of the human folk. Often ostricised, ridiculed, and put down, these ‘short humans’ prefer to live in fairly isolated communities in some of the most fertile lands of Europa.

Living in isolation, these little humans flourished over the centuries. They are naturally xenophobic, preferring the life of rural peace rather than the busy noise of a big city. Not being very much of a warrior race, nor a particularly inventive one, they live simple lives, focusing on farming, herding, and basic crafts.

What no one but elves knows is that the halflings are actually one of the original three races, and that they have been around for over a hundred millenia, living in eternal peace and harmony. Their customs are older than those of dwarf and sometimes elf. Their language and ceremonies sounded through lands that no longer exist. They are older than the continent they currently reside. But halflings do not care about such things, and living in the moment affords them ignorance that other races do not possess.


Halflings are, for the most part, short humans, with a known maximum height of 3’8”. What they lack in height, they gain in dexterity and health, frequently reaching life spans of as much as 100 yrs. Most halfings have earthly tones to them, with brown hair and eyes, being most common among the short race. They wear unassuming clothes, and have no affinity for wealth, coins, or gems, as those are meaningless and do not help the crops grow.

Over the last few centuries there has been an increased contact with the ‘tall cousins’, and these quickly recognized halfling’s efficiency at providing (and often consuming) food. The halfling communities throughout Europa are now seeing a big demand from the taller races for foods and meats, and this newfound wealth is causing havoc in the once-peaceful communities.


There are many small communities of halflings throughout Europa, and most are isolated from each other. There are however two main centers where the halflings live a prosperous life.

Mahsovshe – a region bordering north-eastern Holy German Empire, nearing the Ruus border. Here halflings found a very fertile piece of land with many lakes and rivers throughout, providing ample resources for their survival and many natural borders that only the short folk know how to navigate. Isolated by a Vistula river on the west and Norsca Sea to the north, they live fairly well and are somewhat protected from the outsiders. A major discovery of salt reserves has bolstered the halflings access to the world and provided more than enough trade to allow the halflings their full-bellied lifestyles. There are rumors that greedy neighbors are eyeing the defensless people and their ‘rich’ mine, and some halflings are beginning to worry.

Biehsad – a large community in the mountain range bordering south-eastern Holy German Empire. The entire region is filled with rolling hills perfectly suited for herding and farming, and providing natural shelter from outsiders.

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