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The World Guide – being a primer for the Continent

Races of Europa – being a primer for the peoples of Europa

Religions of Europa – being a guide to the Gods of Europa

Encyclopedia Europana – Notable people, places, organizations, and items


Raethe – The doomed dwarf barbarian from the holdfasts of Ruus. He is now and forever without a clan, a last name, and a history. He merely seeks the way to both find meaning in his life, and the right way to end it.

Captain Kal Diego- An elf with an odd and shrouded history. Someone who lost his past life and his memories in the clouds of smoke surrounding a burning alabaster tower. He happily traded in his forgotten past for the life of a sailor and spent decades in the rough life of the open sea, becoming a pirate with flair and some small renown. Still though, the dreams continue to plague him.

Khalid Arib al Kashif – A manling theurge who seems a mystery even to himself. A wanderer from the far-off deserts of Araby has found himself quite a ways from the sun-parched dunes he recalls. Unless all that is just what he WANTS you to know. You never can tell about wizards, after all.

Dorak ‘Grimface’ Bofcral – A dwarf of middling years, hailing from the wintry lands of Norsca in Karak Belgrin. A soul who ventured North at his coming of age. A soul who returned with a purpose and a reason, singing the songs of his gods as he returned south, and then turned his eyes east…

Main Page

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