Races of Europa

Europa, a world modeled on our own, makes use of the ‘classic’ fantasy world-stuff, in terms of cultures and races, while making them very distinct and somewhat different than broad stereotypes. Also, a race cannot be considered to be distinct and unified, as this is a world spread across thousands of miles and regional influences serve to make one group of people distinct from others of their race but of another locale. This world is very much still a ‘work in progress,’ so as things are defined, pages will be added and expounded upon.

The majority race (in terms of numbers) on the Continent. A different and specific as their kingdoms, men come in many statures, hues, religions and cultures. They have varied goals, thoughts, fears, and beliefs. Germania is particular is primarily peopled by men, whereas they are no more than half the population in Ruus, and a definite minority in Araby. Much like our own world, the different cultures of men are almost races unto themselves.

The elves are a race apart. Whereas men and dwarfs have culled out cities and kingdoms and lands for centuries if not millennia, the assorted elfish folk seem to have been more nomadic. Now with something approaching roots, they have settled in most lands, from small private enclaves in Germania’s vast forests, to the reaving Crimson Sails of Aleutia, to the vast woodworking holdings of Portugal and the horse-lords of faraway Araby. Perhaps not as old as dwarfs, elves are far more mysterious and aloof, never opening themselves as completely as the stout folk to the new races of men. Perhaps it is the burden of being undying in such a changing world. Perhaps it is the weariness of seeing the world turn. They don’t share often.

Some say (the dwarfs themselves in particular) that the stout folk were the first of the races. Truly they have the oldest civilization that historians can find traces of. When the other ancient races were moving in packs across savannahs, the dwarf people were carving out their first holdfasts in the mountains of old Mother Ruus. To this day they contunue on, unparalleled masters of artifice and dominant players in the Continental economies. Open and tolerant to a point, dwarfs can be ruthless and grudge-bearing. Possessed of racial memory and an inherited intractableness, dwarfs are content to share the stage with the younger, more vibrant races now. Especially if there is profit to be made by it.

Little is known and even less is made about the race of the Short Folk. Many think they are the youngest of all races of people – nothing more than some twisted branch from the tree of men. But that is a common mistake, for they are older than men, and wiser in their ways. Possessed of hearty constitutions and long lives, these gentle folk are people of quiet and rural upbringing in the main. It is only the rare halfling that can overcome his people’s reputation and ascend into any serious renown.

The Ork
The greenskin are a brutal, tribal, savage folk who seem to lack any culture other than one of violence and tyranny. They are organized into loose clans or mobs, seemingly based on strength and not familial ties. They range throughout the North, through both Ruus and Norska equally in the lands and in the Wastes beyond it. Fast-breeding, fast-living, and early-dying, the Ork folk are still contentious and numerous, and would prove to be a serious power, should they ever unify for more than the briefest of moments under the rule of a particularly powerful warchief. The Fanged Race has been the sworn enemy of Dwarfs and Elves alike for years beyond counting.

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Races of Europa

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