Raethe of No Clan Worth Mentioning

He is an adult dwarf, formerly of one of the Karaks (dwarf city-states)of Ruus. He grew up in a clan of weapon-smiths, renown for their artistry and mastery of steel and other metals. He reached majority and passed into the clan military, the normal progression for his people. He spent years honing his fighting spirit, learning the ways of both the warrior and of steel. The lands of his folk were settled and mature, but much of the wild still grew around and below it, and there was much work for young dwarfs with finely-made steel.

It was while armored, that Raethe began to realize there was trouble in his clan. Behaviors were odd. Things were strange and out of joint. The movements of the forces, the fights they engaged in, they spoke of more. They ranged farther than they might have otherwise. They remained in the field in strange tunnels, or camped alee of strange mountains. His commanders would brook no questions, and there was enough distraction (normally greenskins) to keep him occupied so that Raethe let the question lie unanswered.

It was only after an engagement on a moonless night, that Raethe’s questions would sit silent no longer. They would rage at him for decades afterwards as well.

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