Religions of Europa

Europa is set in a highly-religious time, when superstition, fear, and hatred ruled over the hearts of people and beasts. It is set in a time where in some places progress is stifled by the old establishment, cults are everywhere, and people will believe just about anything to help alleviate their own misery and blame their problems on others. Alternatively, there is great good in the world, and deities have gifted important powers to devout souls in the hopes of bettering the world.

It is also a time where powerful supernatural forces exist, inquisitors and priests wage war upon their enemies, and mortals ascend to the ranks of gods. As such, some well-known faiths and systems are listed below.

It is accurate to say that many other religions exist and will be covered as they are brought into being. These faiths undoubtedly have their own gods, their own dreams, and their own agendas…

The Imperial Church of Sigmar (the only recognized religion of the Holy German Empire)

The Church of the One God (followers of the Man-Jesus, a.k.a. the Lamb God, principle religion of Tilea)

The Elven Faiths (religious inclinations of the elder folk)

The Dwarf Faith (the beliefs of the Stout Folk, mirrored by the people of Norsca)

The House of the Sun (religion of the nobility of Carthage)

Deus ex Machina (a peculiar and popular cult in Kamarg)

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Religions of Europa

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