The World Guide

In every realm there is the way things are and the way things are perceived to be. Lost to eons and hidden from knowledge lies the truth of creation and purpose. But such things are not for mortals to know. Thus there are two sides to every story as there are two sides to a coin.

The Truth of the Origin

Before time was time and the world was spun of out of the threads of Elysiah, there was a plane to which other planes connected. It was a central realm of the universe to which powerful beings laid claim and played their games, fought petty wars, or simply experimented for their own amusement. Time stood still in the prime, and all connecting realms seemed invulnerable and indestructible.

The World of Mortals

These are the things that everyone knows. Or thinks they know. Europa is not so tremendous that news and knowledge doesn’t travel . The smallfolk hold their own local truths above all, but these are the things that any fellow on the Continent might know. How they feel about things is entirely another issue, of course. Just be wary of ijits. They aren’t just cattle…

The World Guide

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