Captain Kal Diego

A swashbuckler & treasure hunter of the highest order ...according to his own words

Captain Kal Diego
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Chaotic Good
All Male

I have to say it has certainly been an interesting life thus far…. well for at least what I can remember of it. As with most of the world’s treasure, my origins have been lost to time and fable. All that I have is a shadow of a dream and the last 50 years (which as I’m told for my people is a blink of an eye).

You see, around 50 years ago, I awoke in an alley laying on the harsh cobbles outside a run-down inn. I was burned, bumped, and bruised with the smell of smoke and cinder all around me. The building I was leaning against was slowly crumbling from the heat and I met the first of many women in my new life, Sage. Sage was an orphaned street urchin and had found me crumpled on the street and she saw to it that I would live, for reasons truly only known to her (although I believe to this day… it is because I am irresistible). I had no memory of who I was or what happened. I just had a scrap of paper with the name Kal written on it and a ring on a cord around my neck.

Sage began my education as a thief. I learned the rough trade by following her and mimicking her movements. Within months, I had exceeded her due to my natural talents. I took it upon myself be the bread winner of our little group. It was Sage, Aller and Gimm, all of them human and none of them older than 16. I looked out of place to say the least, elves are not rare but they are never street rats (although at the point I though I was human like them) and looked in my early 20’s.

Then on one balmy summer night I had the dream: My heart was pounding like a hammer and the room swelled, hissed and popped all around me. A woman was screaming my name (but I couldn’t make it out). I ran through the house and felt heat on my face. With paintings ablaze, I kicked down a door and saw her lying their in a glittering silver robe, flames engulfing the walls and bed. Jewels still hung around her neck and no sign of a wound but she was gone. As I knelt next to her I felt my cool tears turn to smoke before they fell down my face. I saw a figure perched on the window sill and I drew my weapon and rushed towards it. I felt the hardness of its strike hit me square in the chest… I remember going though the wall and awaking in ash.

After the dream I awoke with a start and I new that I needed to leave. The time spent with my little gang had been precious but somehow I knew if I stayed… I was putting them in jeopardy. I gave them everything I had from my old life and all the swag I picked up over the last few months (except for the ring) I took Sage’s surname for own and knew that I for the first time in this new life, I had a family. It broke my heart to leave them but it was time to go.

I wandered the docks of Estalia and found a ship in need of backs, Otro Destino; I took it as a sign and got on-board. Never looked back… That was the day I met my love. She was as blue as the sky and went on forever. When she loves you there is nothing like it and when she’s mad it’s best to stay out of here way. I didn’t know it then but I found my lady in the sea.

I began as a ship hand until my knack for bossing people around (and an unfortunate incident with the Pantolos guns) got me promoted the Boatswain. The men said it was because I was Elven and we’re the bossiest most stuck up people in the old world… you should of seen their faces when I replied “I’m elven?” I took to the position well enough and enjoyed it for about 10 years.

It was on the last voyage of the Otri Destino that I had my first run in with the scourge of the seas. The Portuguese Pirates called, Mar Lobos (Sea Wolves), apparently I was quite a scrapper in my previous life because I picked up twin blades and did a good job staying alive. Too Good. The pirate captain was sore and in need of fighting men, and I was offered the option of death or a berth as a pirate. What was I to do? Far to pretty to die and not a killing sort, I choose my life.

Things went pretty well afterwards. I spent years learning seamanship and more and more remembered legends and stories from my past. No real details just the adventures like chapters in a book of my life. As time progressed, I found I was an eerily apt pupil, picking up abilities with frightening rapidity, lending credence to my stories claims of his past. In time I became boatswain, and then afterward that navigator of a new pirate crew for the the Mar Lobos. I traveled the world, seeing new peoples and lands, learning more about them. I did well, I found a shrewd mind and a strong eye for value and worth, especially amongst art and other such ephemera. I was rewarded with my own ship and invitation as a pirate captain for the Lobos.

Time passed and fate again turned at me at this point. You see, I had long been a “bloodless” or “gentlemen” pirate, choosing threats and bravado before the blade. However, one day things went bad. A largish merchant galley called,The Black Marry, bearing both cargo and passengers AND the promise of a very rich haul, had crossed our path. When we boarded their ship they fought the insurgence with unexpected fervor and much blood was spilled, including that of children. To this day our actions on the Black Mary will haunt me. And on that day, I simply lost my taste for it.

I took my ship (a gift from my brothers of The Mar Lobos, under whose flag I sailed and whose oaths I had taken) and sold what I could and sank the rest. I officially gave my resignation to no one and hoped that they would simply forgive and forget. Unfortunately, They have not and it is a shame (because the ocean just isn’t THAT big) and their arm is as long as the sea is deep.

I thought I would strike out on my own and become a specialist in reclamation (Treasure Hunting for the uninitiated). I excelled in this area and I have an exceptional knack for this sort of work. A fantastic eye for appraisal, and a seeming magical predeliction for locating artifacts of interest and worth. My life quickly improved and I found myself in charge of my OWN ship, Shallya’s Mercy, a first for me, at long last, decades after returning to the seas. Dark wood with crimson-trimmed sails, Stone in the mast (thank you Russ) and a figurehead of the women of my dreams.

It was then in a port at Russ, I met a women named, Ashka, who informed me (in bed) that a captain needs to have something presentable at his side not my two beat up sabers. She gifted me with my two girls, Agatha & Abagail. Twin blades of dwarf make they have no equal. They were her masterworks, the two pieces that earned her entrance as a master smith (and for a woman to be made into a master you know they are exceptional). She is the harbor I return to (And the only woman I call home) and as such, I’ve looking for a particular bit of legend as a gift….

Nowadays, I spend my time on the sea. I look for my fortune and the more importantly for the legends I love so much. I spend my days pouring through tomes and creating maps of the world from before. I find myself with an odd group of people now. My bodyguard and friend, Raethe, my adopted daughter, Marlena, (that’s another story….) and a good crew consisting of Dart, Jackson and a few others. We’re on our way back to Russ and I’ve got that weird feeling again…

Captain Kal Diego

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