Khalid Arib al Kashif

Arabian Mystic Theurge


Khalid Arib al Kashif Male human Clr3/Wiz3/Mystic Theurge 1; HD 20 plus 1d8+2 plus 4d4+8; hp ?; Init +6; Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 (touch 14, flat-footed 12); Atk +2 melee (1d8-1 spear) or +5 ranged (1d8/19-20 light crossbow); SA Turn undead 2/day with +2 bonus and 2d6 +2 damage; SQ Familiar Benefits, Spontaneous casting (cure spells); AL NG; SV Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +11; Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 9.

Skills and Feats: Craft (Cartography) +5, Craft (Drawing) +5, Decipher Script +5, Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Knowledge (Religion) +10, Knowledge (History) +5, Knowledge (Geography) +5, Knowledge (Nature) +9, Knowledge (Dungeneering) +9, Knowledge (Planes) +14, Spellcraft +14, Concentration +14, Spot +7, Listen +7, Sense Motive +3, Diplomacy +6, Heal +10, Survival +7, Handle Animal +1, Ride +4; Alertness, Scribe Scroll, Improved Initiative, Combat Casting, Practiced Spellcaster (Cleric), Practiced Spellcaster (Wizard).

Cleric Spells Prepared (5/5/4; base DC = 13 + spell level + 1 for Conjuration school)
Domains: Spell (+2 on all Concentration and Spellcraft checks), 1 – Mage Armor, 2 – Silence, 3 – Anyspell, 4 – Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer, 5 – Break Enchantment, 6 – Anyspell, Greater, 7 – Limited Wish, 8 – Antimagic Field, 9 – Mordenkainen’s Disjunction; Summoning (cast all Conjuration(summoning and calling) spells at +2 caster level), 1 – Summon Monster I, 2 – Summon Monster II, 3 – Summon Monster III, 4 – Planar Ally, Lesser, 5 – Summon Monster V, 6 – Planar Ally, 7 – Summon Monster VII, 8 – Planar Ally, Greater, 9 – Gate.

Wizard Spells Prepared (4/4/3; base DC = 14 + spell level + 1 for Conjuration school)
Spellbook: 0 – All; 1 – Shield, Mage Armor, Hypnotism, Magic Missile, Cause Fear, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shocking Grasp, True Strike; 2- Invisibility, Flaming Sphere, Mirror Image, Web.

Possessions: Ring of Protection +2, Amulet, Pin of Infinity (Holy Symbol), Spear, Dagger, Light Crossbow, Alchemists Fire, Holy Water, Shoulder Bag, Spell Component Pouch, Scroll Case, Paper (10), Ink & Inkpen, Spellbook, Journal, Chalk, Flint and steel, Candles (5), Sunrod (5), Waterskin, Rations (5), Antitoxin, Explorer’s Outfit, Rat familiar.

Familiar Benefits: Grants master Alertness feat; master can share spells, master has empathic link, Familiar can deliver touch spells.



Station (one’s place in society) is important in his homeland. He carries this with him by looking appropriate to his stature. He tries to keep clean and wear clothes which are not gaudy, but becoming. He sports a black beard which he keeps well groomed. He doesn’t wear much jewelry but his clothes are made of quality materials and workmanship. Having a bit of nostalgia to his homeland, his attire has a bit of Arabian flavor, though such clothes are not available in this land, he was fortunate enough to be befriended by a well traveled merchant and craftsman one day, who had some more exotic wares. He now wears a blue, silken jacket, closely fitted to his form and dark blue trousers. At his waist he sports a golden sash and covers everything with a quality cloak. His jacket and cloak are embroidered with imagery of animals, creatures and other symbology not readily recognizable to most. They represent travel and the different creatures which exist in far corners of the world. On his neck is a pendant, which has a celestial compass, complete with three axes of rotation. Most of the time it is hidden as its meaning and existence is dear to him. On his sleeve is a pin, his god’s holy symbol, two ovals perpendicular to each other, one twisted on itself. It is a 0 and a symbol of infinity. On his head is a silken skull cap. On his shoulder strapped across his body is a bag carrying his spellbook and academic journal, on it words “Principia Mathematica” read in Latin. Hanging from underneath his sash one can make out pouches filled with various oddities (spell components in a spell component waist band). In his hand he carries a spear, often serving as a walking stick. A light crossbow can also be glimpsed from underneath his cloak. In his sash is a dagger, but very odd looking. It is a jambiya, a curved dagger reminiscent of his homeland.


Honor is important, though not a concept which pervades all relationships to a degree it does in his homeland. He did retain the fragments of belief he absorbed as a child. Some major themes are belief in god, hospitality, tolerance, and respect for authority. He is kind, understanding and at times a bit reserved, but above all passionate. He’s short of being a zealot, in pursuit of knowledge. Specifically, things like time, space (read conjuration), and the beauty of equations (or spells if you will) greatly pervade his thinking. Life can be described through this perfect language and knowing every bit more makes him closer to the ultimate symmetry, and thus closer to his god.

He is not overly interested in compensation other than others behaving honorably towards him (thus those that can should be kind in return). In this new land, he serves as an advisor and healer. He would often go around to poor neighborhoods and try to help people, taking nothing in return. Not being above others he always accepts with great gratitude the little that people can offer in return. Often staying at the hospitality of those he helps, he understands that feeding him and giving him shelter is a lot for people with little means, but if that’s the way they wish to repay him he does not prevent them this joy.

He does not spend all his time among the poor though. The only way to achieve knowledge is to go where it can be sought, thus if there are universities or other places of wisdom in this land, he would often travel to them and spend hours among the books. Depending on how he is received, he would sometimes serve as a visiting professor, whenever he would be somewhere for a longer period of time. He is not overly charismatic, thus his acceptance in these situation often comes through respect of his knowledge and perhaps a little bit good word as he should be known a little in these circles by now.

Finally dusty tomes are not his only pursuit. Theories are nice, but it is only in their application, that they can be proven. Besides, he finds traveling and exploring quite enjoyable. This often drives him to precarious situations since to truly understand the world one can’t just tread in safe surroundings. More often than not it means he must seek things which are quite dangerous. This is why he has gained a lot of knowledge in things like Nature and Dungeoneering. Understanding of the environment and creatures in these situations is of upmost importance.


Khalid was born to a desert nomad tribe in the Far East. It was a childhood of constant hardship. The great anvil (desert name) was unforgiving, but through generations of skill, tribal bonds, and friendship people managed to survive. Many found memories com from this time.

The mysteries of such untamed nature were many. For Khalid it was a natural fascination that drew him farther and farther to explore the plentiful mirages and magical effects. The older he grew the more brazen he’d become, often pushing himself to the brink of death from heat and starvation. Desire for knowledge was stronger.

Dozens of times his lonely journeys into the depths of the desert were successful, becoming almost routine and ordinary. Perhaps it was the comfort he has acquired with this process, or perhaps it was the zealously, but one time he journeyed too far. Collapsed, struggling for consciousness, with the oppressing heat scorching his back, burning the water out of his body a painful drop at a time, Khalid realized he has gone too far. What drove him to this point is hazy, as if the memories evaporated along with most of his life. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a beautiful woman wearing the bluest of robes leaning over him. The sun disappeared and blackness came over him. Nothing but maddening pounding of hundreds of drums exploding his skull remained.

Nothing, until he woke up in a cool lush meadow. The land was foreign but he was even more changed than the world around him. What was once a smooth boyish face now had a thick beard, arms were dirty with ink and alchemy. He smelled like incense that has just finished burning. He had nothing aside from a most strange book. It was filled with maddening nonsense, but nonsense he somehow understood. As soon as the senses calmed down from the rush of the experience he kneeled and prayed. It was a natural act, though he has never worshiped before. The words were pouring out of his mouth, words he knew, but which sounded alien.

It took some months for things for him to adjust to the situation. The first people he met he could not understand. Buildings, culture, nature, it was all different. It was a hard struggle but he acclimated to the surroundings. Himself though he has still to get adjusted to. He knew so much more than he had done before. The knowledge was natural and effortless. Good thing too, because it allowed him to quickly make a living in this foreign land. He has become known and respected for his knowledge. People would come for advice, healing, and hope. He did his best to help, and with this he felt better.

After years of such life the person he knew and the person he was started to change places. He still felt uneasy with everything, but what he was starting to disappear. Only vague childish memories and questions were there.

The one thing which persisted in both lives was his drive to learn and explore, except now he felt more comfort. What used to be only his own struggle was now shared by entity he worshiped. The god gave him support and justification, a cause.

Khalid Arib al Kashif

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